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Higher National Certificate in Applied Sciences (HNC)
Higher National Diploma in Environmental Sciences (HND)
Tailored Environmental Technology Certificate
accredited by C-MIST

C-MIST is currently delivering tailored Environmental Sciences HND & HND courses on behalf of Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute of Libya (PTQI) and BP Exploration (Libya) Ltd in Tripoli, Libya.

The courses are accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

In addition to the standard courses C-MIST have tailored and added to the syllabus to provide PTQI students with in depth knowledge of environmental issues, management and sampling techniques related to the oil and gas industries.


HNC Year 1

  • Foundation Chemistry, scientific competencies in IT & Presentation Skills.

  • Statistics and Advanced Chemistry with laboratory work to build on earlier unit.

HNC Year 2

  • Sustainable Development, laboratory and fieldwork in Ecology & Ecosystems, Earth Science and Cell Biology.

  • Quality Systems, Health & Safety » report writing and time management skills developed by Individual Project.

  • HNC in Applied Sciences

  • With additional courses, HND in Environmental Science.


HND Year 1

  • Instrumental Techniques 1, Terrestrial Ecosystems, Aquatic Ecosystems.

  • Energy & the Environment, Environmental Sampling & Analysing, Environmental Awareness.

HND Year 2

  • Environmental Biology, Employment Experience, Genetics.

  • Instrumental Techniques 2, Pollution & Waste Management, Environmental Management Systems, Monitoring & Analytical Methods.

  • HND in Environmental Services.

Dr Abdulmagid Elazhari - Head of Environmental Technology Department PTQI stated that:

Together PTQI, BP, & C-MIST have developed a first class programme to provide highly qualified personnel who will be to the fore of the re- building and development of Libya and its oil and gas industry. Our graduates will be the next generation of senior managers for our sponsors and the national oil company.

Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute of Libya SQA